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Perfect Fall Day

Yesterday was the first day that it actually felt like fall.

The leaves were falling, there was cool breeze and I felt like I actually needed a sweater.

This got me thinking about what would be the perfect thing to do on a fall day.

I love sleeping with my window open, I think waking up  underneath the covers on a fall day has to be a great way to start.

Making myself a hot drink, either coffee, tea or a nice apple cider has to be the next step.

Next would be to start getting ready, the best outfit to wear in the fall would of course be leggings or thick tights with boots, a large over-sized sweater and a scarf. Being comfortable and stylish at the same time is ideal for fall.

Once dressed, the best thing to do in the fall would be to find some kind of pumpkin patch or apple picking location so that you can be surrounded by people that love fall as much as you do!

Other ideas would be to find a nice coffee shop with nice big windows so that you can admire the great fall colors.

Last year I made sure to hit up a pumpkin patch more than once with both my godson and my niece.


Once you get home, the perfect fall day would end with taking a nice hot shower, changing into clothes you can lounge in and relax for the rest of the night. The way that I like to relax is by watching a movie, or catching up on some of my favorite TV shows.

I hope you guys enjoy your fall!

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