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Potatoes Are Back – Taco Bell to Bring Potatoes Back

In a very fun video this morning CEO of Taco Bell Mark King announced that Potatoes are back to Taco Bell. Not only that but also announced that the vegetarian menu will be updated. This is great news for not only vegetarians but also for people that are fans like me of the cheesy potatoes and the potato soft taco.

I remember eating the cheesy potatoes in my college days when i was a vegetarian. It was a good choice for those late night cravings one gets after studying or drinking. The crunchy seasoned outside and the soft and warm inside made it the perfect choice.

In the short video King states that the company made the decision to remove the potatoes to simplify their menu and reduce wait times since their business became a drive through operation due to the pandemic.

See the video below and let me know what you think of the big news.

The potatoes will be back on March 11th Taco Bell

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