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Five Restaurant Foods I Fell in Love with in 2019


Although one of my new year’s resolutions was to avoid going out to eat, I did end up making it out to a few places. The following are 5 places that I still think about to this day and that I hope to make it out to again in 2020. 

Omomo Tea

20190816_174220I am a big fan of boba and have been since my freshman year of college when I was introduced to it. My go to has always been the Thai Tea Boba since it is always available, even at my favorite Pho places. 

My friend Joann invited me to a place called Omomo and it was like no other Boba place that I have ever been to. For starters the place looked super trendy

with natural wood and plants, the menu was on paper hung on the walls with a minimalist touch. 

When it was time to order…

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