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Let’s Get Started – S14 E1 Food Network Star

It is that time of year when The Next Food Network Star takes over my life!

I have no idea why I am so obsessed with this show, but I am and I have no shame. This year it took place in Miami, Florida and in the first episode we got to meet the very entertaining contestants.

My favorite part of this competition is learning about each person individually and beginning to see how their theme develops and changes throughout the competition.

Let us begin! First episode went straight to creating a 90 second presentation on your signature dish but “Theme Park Style” meaning it had to be portable.

Poor Manny he had to go first on the Challenge, he was sweating so much but he a damn good job!

Rebecca was next and she did alright, didn’t really leave a lasting impression. I felt bad for Samone because she chocked up a little, which I honestly think I would do if it was the first day.

Chris unfortunately finished too early which is unfortunate because it looks like he had a lot of personality. Oh Katy Dixon, way too rehearsed and a little fake, she needs more energy.

Jason seemed really nervous but again, can’t really blame him. Harrison is alright but he through me off saying I am more than just a pretty face.

Jess seemed again very rehearsed and a little too proper. Christian, wow , I really like him I would watch his show any time. Last but not least we met Palak who.. beat Bobby Flay? I like her, she tells good stories which is important in being a Food Network Star.

We also find out that Adam and Amy come back. I kind of never really care for the people that come back, have they ever won when they come back? Correct me if I am wrong, but I don’t think they ever have.

Ok so time for the cooking!

Simone stood out, she has attitude and has great personality. I always enjoy the cuts of them cooking because you can see when people actually really enjoy the cooking process, continuously tasting and adjusting, as you should.

Final thoughts on the cooking portion, I really hope Palak is not a one trick pony with her curry fried chicken and also I don’t like Rebecca finishing so early.

OK so far, based on the first episode my top 5

  1. Manny
  2. Palak
  3. Christian
  4. Samone
  5. Harrison

We say goodbye at the end to Chris and Jason after and they give Rebecca another chance (really?… ok) From the two that left I wish Chris would have stayed, he seemed like he was excited and he actually followed the challenge unlike Rebecca.

Who are your top 5 and as of now,  and also who do you think will be The Next Food Network Star?

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