Best Burgers in Upland? – Review of Wicked Cow Burgers & Brews

It’s Sunday morning, Ryan and I are hungry for some kind of breakfast or lunch and it’s my turn to choose where to go.

I scroll through yelp and I see that in the Hot and New section there is a place only 5 minutes away called Wicked Cow. Done!

Ryan is a big fan of burgers, and me, I am a big fan of tater tots. This place has both!

Before we head out, we find the menu is loaded on their website and we decide what we are getting before we even get there. Did I mention that we were hungry?


It was so easy to find this place and parking was no issue.

Here is a rundown of what we ordered.

Wicked Tots: Tater tots with cheese, caramelized onions and topped with thousand island. (Rating 4/5 so good, but needed more cheese)


Widow Maker: Burger with jalapeno, bacon, pepper jack, chipotle sauce and an egg. (Rating 4/5 not spicy at all, but the bacon was delicious.)

Garlic Fries: (self explanatory) (Rating 5/5 perfect amount of garlic)


Big Belly Grilled Cheese: Swiss, pepper jack, cheddar and pork belly. All wrapped on crispy cheddar wrapped bread. Rating (5/5 cheeesy goodness)



This place was so delicious, portions were large, and it had a very good bar vibe. It does get a little crowded, but it is worth the wait.


If you want to see more check out their menu here.


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