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What it means to be a Green Day Fan #GreenDayisback

I first heard a Green Day song in 7th grade (2000) when my best friend at the time gave me a mixed CD and included about 5 songs of the (then) new album Warning.

I first heard a Green Day song in 7th grade (2000) when my best friend at the time gave me a mixed CD and included about 5 songs of the (then) new album Warning.

Without even knowing who they were or why I loved their music so much I would put their songs on repeat and fall asleep listening to them. I still have this CD, all scratched up, but punk rock as hell.

The first time I heard them live was April 20, 2002 at the Pop Disaster Tour with Blink 182. To be completely honest I went there to see Blink 182, but left being the Green Day fan I am today. All it takes is one Green Day show to be instantly hooked for more.

Let me explain to you the Green Day fan culture. Being a fan of the band for almost 16 years and attending more than 15 of their shows I feel I embody the Green Day fan culture.

Although Green Day is such a large and now mainstream band the fan culture is very small. I noticed this when I was able to go to the music box for a very small show and everyone knew each other, we all knew that tiny venue was filled with die-hard fans because not only did we get the tickets but we were one in the few to even know about the show.

I am not the #1 fan, and I know that.

There are so many great Green Day fans out there that it would be insane of me to claim #1 spot or even top 50. What I do know, is that Green Day runs through my blood, hearing Billie Joe’s voice, Tré Cool’s drums and Mike’s base is a familiar feeling that nothing else can fill.

I remember signing up for their online fan club and being so happy I was able to afford the 25 dollar membership with my allowance money. I have to thank my dad for taking me to as many Green Day shows as he could, which was pretty much every single tour since 2002.  Now as an adult I take my father to as many shows as I can, because it is something that we share, a love for Green Day. He might not like to hang in the pit with me, but he’s there either way.

To me, being a Green Day fan is loving them no matter what. They are like a child to me, love them unconditionally. Yes, they made a few mistakes in their career, but who am I to judge?

This of course does not mean that I don’t critique their music. Of course I do! It’s part of being in the Green Day bubble. We compare albums to albums and try to see similarities and differences. Not that we want everything to sound the same, but we like to see the evolution of our favorite band. What has led them to their now new single Bang Bang.

So the next time you see a Green Day fan and you try to piss them off by saying “Green Day sucks!” Just know this, Green Day has a song called F.O.Dand that’s exactly how I feel about your comment.

Now I am waiting anxiously for their new album Revolution Radio (due October 7th) and counting the days to their next tour date.

See you all there!

My Green Day Slideshow

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