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Blogging Conference? What I hope to gain from #blogher16

I think the first question that I get when I tell people (non-bloggers) that I am going to a blogging convention is, “What is a blogging convention?”

To be honest before I went to #weallgrow I had no idea what a blogging convention was all about. I was nervous, excited and completely clueless about what I was getting myself into. To make matters worse I was going at it all alone.

I have to say that I now know what a convention is all about and below I will outline not only what it is about, but also what I hope to gain from #blogher16.

  1. Meeting the brands – These conferences bring the brands to you. The most important thing about being a blogger is knowing what brands you want to work with. Researching companies and creating a blog or video to highlight their products is what these companies are looking for. Conferences make it easy to meet, talk and exchange information so that later you can possibly work with them.
  2. Being among like-minded people – Nothing feels better than being around people that think like you, being in a space where you can feed off each other’s energy. There are times that you become stuck creatively and being around bloggers wakes that urge to create, write and film. When I left #weallgrow I was inspired, I was ready to go home and write my fingers off. I’m hoping for the same with #blogher16.
  3. Networking– Possibly the most important part of attending a blogging convention has to be networking. I cannot begin to explain how important it is to know other bloggers. I made so many great friends and have continued to keep in contact with people that I met at my last convention, they inspire me.
  4. Learning from the workshops – So much thought goes into these panels and workshops. The people leading the workshops are experts in the topics that are presented. The most amazing part is that they are sharing their secrets with you, they are helping you become a better blogger.

Those are the top 4 that I consider being benefits of attending a blogging convention. Others include living in a hotel for a few days, picking up swag and meeting famous keynote speakers.

Goodnight Y’all #blogher16 starts tomorrow!

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