Food TV

Who is going to win The Next Food Network Star?

I would like to preface by saying that this is solely based on my opinion.

This season so many contestants blew my mind (except for Ana of course).

In the beginning I was rooting for Erin, probably because she has a dorky personality and I definitely connected with her as a person.

Another contestant that stood out was Monterey. Monterey always seemed very edgy and I really wanted to watch her succeed in cooking an amazing dish, but I feel like she let us down time and time again.

Let’s talk about the finalist.

Tregaye – She has so much personality, time and time again she has shown that her personality is a trait that others will have to beat.

Personally, I don’t relate to her style. I’m not even sure what “on fleek” means and it’s a little annoying that she uses it all the time. Not my cup of Tea.

Jernard- Although Jernard also has plenty of personality, I feel like it has just been constant throughout the show. Nothing has really changed from the start til now. Jernard’s food looks okay, and his kitchen presence seems forced. Jernard deserves his own dating show, not a cooking show.

Which brings us to…

Damiano- Oh Damiano. What can I say, I love him. Damiano is definitely the most improved. He started as a basic Italian guy with no personality, now he has grown into such an awesome playful Food Network Star.

Lately, Damiano has been talking about winning the competition for his parents, giving back to them for everything that they have done for him. That right there is the heart of a winner.

I wouldn’t mind seeing him on screen every single day. Damiano has charm and cooks very well. His dishes have improved time and time again.

My guess (and hopes) are that Damiano will win The Next Food Network Star.

In bocca al lupo Damiano Carrara!

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