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Why am I going Vegan?

Yes, you heard that correctly. Angie Dee is going Vegan.

This is not my first rodeo, I have been completely vegan before.

My plan is to eat completely vegan for a week to clean my insides of processed foods.

Would you like to join me?
We can make it something really cool like #angiedeenomeatweek eh? eh?

Below I will point out a few reasons why (in my experience) it is good to “cleanse your body” and a few tricks to make the transition a little easier.

1)Veggies have every single nutrient that your body needs- The only thing that I ever needed when I ate vegan was B-12 other than that… veggies all the way!

2)Your inner chef comes out-  When you are a vegan you need to think of ways to cook and enjoy your food, especially when you are like me and you eat with your eyes. Salad everyday is not going to cut it, and actually most vegans I know hate salad. You will be working with new ingredients and new flavors. It is pretty fun, I’ve made chickpea salad that tastes like tuna!

3)Product labels are your BFF- You would be surprised to find out how many products are not plat based. Familiarize yourself with labels and meanings of ingredients. A really good place to start is this article on Veganuary. It explains all the ingredients and really helps you find out if something is truly vegan. #thinmints #oreos #baconbits

4)Know your options for eating out- Truth of the matter is I eat out about 4 times a week. This is not ideal, I am completely conscious of it and I’m working towards eating more home cooked meals.  It is very important to do research before to find out if a restaurant offers any vegan options. It is the worst when you enter a food joint only to find out they only have celery, carrots and bread as vegan options. VeganFoodLover.com is a great website to find out what vegan options are available at popular restaurants.

5)Your body feels better- Honestly my body feels junky right now. Even though I have been working out daily, I am not feeling like my best self. Food is so important for keeping your body feeling light and energized. My face feels oily, by stomach apparently hates me because I’m constipated and I have a hard time waking up well rested in the mornings.

Always listen to your body. I cannot tell you enough how important it is to feel out what makes you feel the best. I may not be the healthiest, but I am truly an expert in feeling out what my body is lacking.

I would like to take this time to thank Daiya for sending me some items to try out and I am so excited to show you what recipes I can make with all these products. Check out my Instagram to see all my photos of meals starting Monday May 16th. Also, Sunday May 22nd will be an all plant based #dominguitodedesayuno

Thank you all and see you soon!




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