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Review: What to do when your favorite burrito place closes?

Hola amigos!

Burritos are a big part of my life.  I am, as you know Mexico-Americana, beans, cheese and rice are part of my DNA.

Ryan and I would frequent a Mexican Food place near my home for their amazing wet style burritos.  Their specialty is making them the size of my face,  I mean they are gigantic!

Sadly this place temporarily closed due to circumstances that were very unfortunate and we were left with a sad taste of no burrito.

On Sunday, after our usual thrifting tour, Ryan said “You know what I miss? Those huge burritos from Mexican Food”

Because I am the best fiancée ever and whatever Ryan wants Ryan gets, I pulled out my phone and Yelped Wet Burrito.

After scrolling past a few fast food places I came across Las Cascadas Mexican Cuisine andIMG_20160403_115505 Cantina in Chino Hills, CA which instantly looked delicious based on the pictures.

We walked in and it looked fancy,  like, brunch on a Sunday morning fancy. We were seated on a very comfortable table with cushions and pillows and they immediately handed us menus.

To be honest Ryan and I had the same thought.

“How much is this fancy place going to be?”

Luckly as soon as we opened the menu we were pleasantly surprised.  Same prices as our usual place we used to go to.  Phew!

We ordered the single serving of guacamole,  two wet style burritos (one fajita chicken and the other just chicken), an horchata and two waters.

IMG_20160403_115455The chips and salsa came right after we ordered and they even added a small quesadilla, which we thought was pretty cool.  The chips were very fresh and crunchy.

The guacamole came after that,  the single serving is pretty big for two people, for four even. It was good,  not chunky which I prefer,  but very creamy.

Ryan received his Horchata and it was nothing to rave about, that is possibly the only item in our lunch that did not taste authentic. It was a little too sweet. IMG_20160403_115932

We did not wait much for our food, which looked and smelled very authentic. We took a bite and we were instantly in love.

The chicken inside the burrito was grilled, it had grill marks and tasted like they had just taken it out of the grill (did I mention grill?). It was juicy, well seasoned and it tasted fresh. Inside the burrito we had rice, beans and mine had veggies. The veggies were cooked al dente which I prefer, I’m not a fan of soggy veggies in my fajita mix.

The sauce on the top of the burrito was nothing spectacular, but the flavor was familiar, weIMG_20160403_121258 think it was possibly El Pato Enchilada Sauce. The cheese that topped the plate was melted perfectly and finally the dish was paired with sour cream, guacamole and pico de gallo.

We enjoyed our lunch, we are happy and excited to return and try out more dishes. This place has a beautiful location, the large windows bring in light from every angle and from what I could see they have a fully stocked Cantina.

Let me know if you tried it and what you think!

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