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Dominguito De Desayunos: Why do I love breakfast?

Buenos dias! Good morning everyone!

If I would have to choose my favorite meal of the day it would have to be breakfast, I love breakfast!

My memories of loving breakfast stem from my childhood. Waking up to the smell of chilaquiles or molletes on the weekends. There was no need for alarm clocks because my parents woke up extra early to have this meal ready for my sister and I when we woke up.

Breakfast was usually our biggest meal of the day, we would eat until 11am or noon and we would have so much food left over that we would just snack on that throughout the day. Breakfast was an all day event for my family, and I loved every bit of it.

There were a few staple breakfast items that my mami and pa would make including:

  • Chilaquiles
  • Molletes
  • Huevos con Frijoles
  • Sincronizadas
  • Tlacoyos
  • Sopesitos

Our breakfast was always paired with un cafecito con leche, and ended with pan dulce or pan con mantequilla (bread and butter).

As we grew up, started working weekends and started making other plans this tradition faded away. We still meet up once in a while and eat delicious breakfast, but it has never been like before.

I’m hopeful that once I have my own children, I will be able to give the same experience that my parents gave to us.

For this is the reason that I would like to share my breakfast experiences with you, breakfast is not only a meal for me, it is a memory that I would like to share with everyone.

Every week I will feature my favorite breakfast and recipe, along with a few memories associated with the plate.

Thank you and hope to see you next Sunday!


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