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How do I throw a successful Bridal Shower?

My sister is getting married in about two weeks and since we rarely get all the ladies in the family together I decided to throw her a Bridal Shower. I had never thrown an event like this but I knew that if I was organized, and planned accordingly I would be able to make it successful.

  • Choose a date
    • Since this was a little bit of a last minute plan my sister and I had to choose a date that would work for all of our family.
  • Choose a theme
    • It is very important to consult with the bride about what they think their theme should be. I had about 3-4 ideas set out and we talked them over. We went with a Bridal Tea Party
  • Start a guest list
    • Together with the Bride I created and shared a note via Evernote. It was very easy to share all of my ideas with her and she was even able to edit the information in the documents.
  • Create a menu
    • Once you know how many people are coming, it is safe to create a menu and take into account the quantities.
    • In this case we decided on sandwiches and assorted pastries since it was more of a lunch time event.
    • For drinks, we decided on mimosas and a Sweet Tea Sangria Drink which were a huge hit.
  • Decorations
    • I bought most of my decorations at goodwill and dollar tree. I was lucky enough that our theme included floral and pastels because we had it right around Easter season.
    • The cups and water dispenser I bought at full price because it is something that I can keep using time after time.
  • Think of games and print them out
    • I decided to have  6 games and it was really easy to find on Pintrest.
      • How well do you know the bride?
      • What’s in your purse?
      • What do see? (memory game)
      • This or That? (Bride Edition)
      • Toilet Paper Wedding Gown
      • Don’t Say Bride!!
  • Prizes!/Gifts
    • Think of easy prizes to give away. They do not have to be fancy or expensive, the fun is winning!
      • Face Wipes
      • Dove Soap and Loofah
      • Dish Tray
      • Lotion/Shampoo Set
    • For a thank you gift I bought  tea filters from daiso and paired it with Stash tea from WinCo only 0.09 per tea bag.
  • Create an itinerary of the day before and the day of. Allow plenty of time for socializing and make sure to leave wiggle room in between all games.

Planning ahead is always the best way to be stress free on the day of the party. I decided to set everything up the day before to make sure that I had enough time to pick up food and make the drinks the day of.

Overall the event was successful, the bride and attendees enjoyed themselves and most importantly I did not lose my mind!

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