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Zumba Incredible Slimdown – First Impression

Hello guys!

Again I have a Zumba blog for you, but this time it is on a review for a product. I had been bothering Ryan to let me borrow his moms Zumba videos (dvd’s??) because I have been in a mood to dance as a workout. Although I have YouTube sometimes the quality is not as good as I want, so I went out and purchased the Zumba Incredible Slimdown.

Some nights before I purchased the DVD set, my co-worker and I had agreed to workout nightly after our shifts. The day before we had done Turbo Jam Cardio Party and although it made us burn many calories it was not as fun as Zumba.

The first DVD that we worked out to was the Latin Bursts, and oh my goodness did that make us sweat. What I really liked about the DVD was the fact that the instructor includes you in their dialogue, you feel like they are there to help you out.

The only thing that I wish was that the music was louder. One thing that I like about working out at the gym to Zumba is the fact that the music takes over the room, it was a little hard to get used to low music on the DVD.

Today I decided to try out the 20 minute express during my lunch time, and I was a little disappointed. Maybe my Zumba instructors were great, but that DVD seemed incredibly bland. I didn’t feel the excitement to dance and party.

I’m hoping that the last two DVD will be high impact and high intensity. I have also yet to download the guides and nutritional information but I will do that next week so that I can try out their meal guide and of course keep you updated.

So far I am 50/50 on this set, keep checking back for more updates, I should be doing the Super Cardio Dance Party on Tuesday with some ladies from work.


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