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What is stopping me?

Sometimes I wonder what is stopping me from becoming this person that I want to be. It has been so difficult for me to stick to something that I want to do. Maybe it’s time for me to ask for professional help. I don’t remember it being this hard. Have any of you ever sleeked professional help during weight loss? If so what kind of help did you ask for?

I’m thinking of going to therapy and hopefully finding out what is preventing me from getting to where I want to be. I know what to do, I know the steps but even now when I eat healthy and exercise I feel like I’m gaining weight instead of losing, so I give up and I binge and then I want to start over.

I lost 3 pounds last week then two days later I weighed myself and I was at five pounds heavier! Maybe I just have to not weight myself and just eat better and exercise to be healthy, but it’s so damn hard not to weigh yourself!

I’m hoping I get it together, I have 20 weeks until my sisters wedding and 2 years until mine. I need to get it together like now.

Any thoughts or questions please let me know I would love your feedback.

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