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Starting Over – Goals

Starting over on a journey can be a very stressful time. When I think of all the different diets that I have done, all of the money that I have spent on trying to find the right plan to be on, it angers me to know that I am back at square one. A month from now I have a doctors appointment that is going to let my doctor know the progress that I have made. I’m scared that I have made no progress at all.

I try, time and time again I try but there always seems to be something there to lure me into the other side. The side where candy is acceptable as a “snack” and breakfast lunch and dinner all include a carb. I cannot keep going in this loop, I have to be strong and fight the urge to want to eat that candy bar, slice of pizza, or drink that Starbucks drink.

These past few days have been a test. I have been trying to control my cravings and although I slip and fall, I always go back to working out a little harder and making sure that my next meal will be better.

This weeks goals have been:

  1. Eat breakfast every day.
  2. Eat a 200 cal snack between breakfast and lunch.
  3. Lunch has to be a lot of protein minimal carbs
  4. Drink a protein shake for dinner
  5. Be active for at least 30 minutes a day
  6. Fill my cup 6 times during the day (it’s a large cup)

That’s it those are my goals to start off. Nothing over the top, nothing that seems impossible. I have been following many inspiring people on Instagram one of which is @graciesjourney. Gracie said that when she first started she planned on burning 300 cals each time she worked out. That is something that I have implemented in my workouts, when I feel lazy I just think of that magic 300 number and I keep going until I reach it. Odds are that by that time I just want to keep going so I reach a higher number.

So that is it for now, I will keep you updated.

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