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How do you celebrate Labor Day

I am beyond exited to have a three day weekend! When I left my old job I jumped right into my current job so I did not have a break in between. September is full of those breaks.

This weekend I plan to relax and enjoy the little moments. We are celebrating my father-in-laws birthday on Saturday with all of Ryan’s family. I get to see baby Samuel (who is already walking) and I get to see all of my amazing nieces and nephews and play a crazy amount of video games.

On Sunday I get to spend all day with Ryan and possibly make some videos with him or brainstorm some ideas for my channel. I plan to relax and hang out and eat a lot of yummy healthy food.

Finally, on Monday I will spend the day with my parents to see what they wold like to do and just enjoy the time with them. Tonight  I get to sleep, I have my sleepytime tea on hand and I have Ryan by my side to take me into lala land.

It is all plans, let us see how it goes.

Peace out.

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