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The worst day of the week

As I am laying in bed sipping some cold water out of my bottle I’m reflecting on a weekend that i wish could have lasted longer. Ya feel me? Have you ever had a weekend, or even just a day that you wished never ended? Let me back up a little bit and explain my week.

My weeks always start the same, on a Monday morning laying in bed waiting for my alarm to go off.

Nobody loves Mondays, you might like them,  but no one loves them. I prepare my lunch, prepare my outfit and I head out the door. Same routine every day, every day except Friday. This Friday was special, I had breakfast with Ryan, he made me French Toast… oh so yummy…but I’ll get to that.

Last Tuesday I started Weight Watchers for the 4th time. This time I feel different, I feel like I actually want to give a shit. My sister is getting married next April and that is one of the major reasons why I joined. Last Saturday we went out dress shopping. I absolutely hated the way I looked in every single dress. I knew I had it in me to try Weight Watchers one more time, but this time I was not going to allow myself to fail. I did perfect all week, and by perfect I mean I kept within my points all week. I even have a few weeklies left.

Wednesday and Thursday  were a blur, all but the fact that I stayed over at Ryan’s house. I was not going to be able to have our usual hangout on Friday night since I was going to go out with the girlies, so we decided on breakfast Friday morning.

On Friday morning I woke up to the smell of French Toast. The night before I let him know that my new eating plan required me to log everything, one by one he read me a list of ingredients and I proceeded to figure out the points. They weren’t too heavy on points, I promise! They were delicious, so sweet and flavourful. I had to leave to work unfortunately so I kissed my love goodbye and drove to work.

Night time came quickly, I got ready to meet with my sister and her lady friends at a new local club. My co-worker let me know about this place and it ended up being such a fun night. I drank 4 beers! Because of my weekly points I was able to drink those and still be within my points. Had a blast!

Saturday, I cleaned, cooked and did laundry. I cooked a really amazing dinner for Ryan. I bought some spare ribs, chicken, potatoes, and baked beans. I made the ultimate BBQ dinner. Still with all that food, I did not go over my points. WOOHOO! Anyway, after dinner we went to the 99 cent store nearby to grab some snacks and supplies for our next day trip to Disneyland! We prepped our bags and had a good nights rest.

So, as some of you may know I absolutely love Disneyland. It is more of a love of the memories that one makes at that place. I am an annual passholder and for the first time in a while Ryan and I were blocked most of the summer, almost three months! We ended up going today although it was hot and crowded we had a really good time. We tried a new place to eat which was the Cove Bar in California Adventures. We shared lobster nachos, a trio slider plate (which I only had one slider), and a Wild Cherry drink (so yummy). It was really good as a lunch, the nachos were gigantic and spicy! After we ate, we ended up meeting up with Ryan’s niece Rilley which works at the park.  She had a few hours to kill because she was waiting for her beau to arrive to have dinner with him . We tried to stay indoors since it felt really warm outside. We walked and talked and finally we each parted ways.

We came home showered and relaxed. I was exhausted, the sun and the people really made me tired, but I was also very hungry. Ryan and I decided on Subway for dinner, he had his Italian Trio and I had my Double Chicken Salad with no dressing just oil and vinegar. We hit the grocery store and as soon as we got home we fell into bed to watch some Netflix.

This is why my weekend was terrific, this is why I did not want it to end. As soon as I lay in bed my head rested on his chest, his arm went around to my shoulder and he kissed my forehead. This is where I always want to be, in the arms of the man that I am crazy for, in the arms of the man that makes me forget everything that causes me pain, stress, or grief.

I hate saying goodbye to him on Sundays. Soon we won’t have to, until then, Sunday nights will always be the worst day of the week.

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