About Me

Zumba Queen

4 days out of the week I get home, change from my business attire to my bright costume and I head out to my stage, to my sanctuary. I walk into a room choose my usual spot downstage right, and I set up my water, sweat towel and bag in the same location. I stretch my legs, my arms and patiently await to start the show. I press play, begin, and suddenly I am the Zumba Queen.

In my mind, there is no one else in the room, just the music, my body and my sweat.

I take Zumba 4 times a week, it is the only class besides step that I have fallen in love with. I am not fond of machines.

I give it my all while I am there, I dance as if my size does not matter, I dance as if no one is watching, I dance for myself, my health, my sanity. I cannot tell you how many times I come in with stress and problems and I come out a new woman.

Zumba is my therapy.

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