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Date Night

Ever so often Ryan and I decide that we want to have a full date. I say full date becasue usually we do dinner and then go back to his place or my place for a binge watch on some TV show (usually Bib Bang Theory or The Simpsons).

Yesterday Ryan took me to Sushi Shiro in Upland, CA , it was only our second time there but it is always so yummy.  There was a line when we got there but since it was only two of us then they sat us right in. We ordered 4 rolls and two miso soups and they brought those right out. We ordered the Volcano Roll, Crunchy Salmon Roll, Crazy Boy Roll, and the Jalapeno Roll.  Our favorite was definitely the Jalapeno roll.

After dinner we decided to do miniature golfing, that is always our first choice on date night since our first date was  miniature golf. We love going to Boomers in Montclair, CA because it has 2 indoor golf courses and two outdoor courses. Since it was a little chilly, then we did the two indoor courses.

I love our dates, spending one on one time with each other outside of the house is healthy for relationships, for some reason it makes us even more lovey dovey. It is also a change from our usual Disneyland trips.

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