Day at the Los Angeles Zoo


Sundays are usually the days in which Ryan and I have the whole day to ourselves. We like to plan places to go and get out of the house. We love our dates, it gives us time to get to know each other better and also gives us time catch up on our week. Even after two years, I fall in love with this man more every day, there are things that I discover about him every single time we hang out and I love it because it keeps us fresh.

This week we decided to go to the zoo, we love the zoo! We frequent LA Zoo and we absolutely love San Diego Zoo.

We woke up, got ready and had breakfast at Denny’s. We stocked up on snacks and waters and we headed out. So, we arrive at the zoo and we see that it is full of people, but we still  make the best of it. You see, Ryan and I hate crowds, we get fussy and cranky and we just don’t do well with them. I get anxious and I tend to just freeze up and not want to move, but c’est la vie.

Sunday it was nice, luckily the zoo is large enough to be able to see everything without too many crowds. We walked a total of 7 miles and we covered almost everything in about 4 hours. We left a little earlier than expected becasue my shoes were giving me blisters (my bad…) and so we plan go back soon to hit up the aviary, which we love. I’ll attach a little gallery of our photos.

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