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Seal Beach

Today I spent the day at Seal Beach with Ryan,  his mom,  sister and brother-in-law. It was so nice,  the weather was perfect and the vibes were awesome.  We started off our trip going to torts sinaloa where I had a huge horchata and a sinaloa especial,  it was so much food but I finished it.

On our way to Seal Beach we saw a very bad accident involving a semi-truck in the freeway which backed it up pretty bad.  We finally arrived and we ate some donuts that mama Rivas bought us.  We decided to go to the movies to watch Dispicable Me 2 (which was not that good) and after that we went to Angelo’s for some delicious Torpedo sandwhiches.  So good and authentic.

Finally, we wanted something sweet so we went to a little bakery that was so good.  You could smell the cinnamon rolls from a mmile away.  We took some sweets to go and we dropped his sister and bro in law and the we headed out.  Overall good day 🙂

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