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March Madness: Knotts

Who decides to go to Knotts Berry Farm on a rainy weekend? Ryan and I of course. We had actually planned this about a week before it happened, we were trying to decided what our weekend would look like and we decided on Knotts. We never thought that weather would be an issue, which is why we never thought to look it up. We bought our season passes online about three days before and then a day before we realized it was going to be a full on storm.

So there we are on our way to Knotts. We stopped at Panda Express for “Brunch” and then we were off. I have to say it was not bad, at all. The place was empty and by the time we got there it was pretty dry. We got on all the rides that were open except for Ghostrider which was on and off during the day.

My favorite part of this whole day was spending time with Ryan, honestly he makeS me happy, and seeing him happy just made me enjoy my whole day. Anyway, we ended up passing out at our hotel and overall it was a good Saturday.

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